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How to install sensor?

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and troubleshooting

Where can I find the app?

The Fairtrail-app can be downloaded on the links below

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How to install sensor?

Below are the main steps for setting up your water-leak sensor. Detailed instructions will be given by the app. Please make sure that you carefully read the in-app instructions

– Start the Fairtrail app on your device, make sure you’re logged in through using mobile-number, i.e. not in demo-mode.

– In the app, click on the sensor you wish to install.

– Follow the step-by-step instructions in the app.

– After configuration is done you will have 15 minutes to put the sensor in place.

What routers work with the sensor?

Current version of the sensor is working only on 2.4Ghz bandwidth. If you have a dual router with 5Ghz you need to start the installation process on your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. We care about security and therefore we are not supporting WEP.

How do I know my sensor is online?

During installation you get a confirmation installation succeeded or failed. There is no diode or LED on the sensor indicating the status all to save battery power. The primary interaction tool with the sensor is the app.

How do I know the sensor is working?

If nothing unpredictable happened, like an urgent water leak or a potential slow water leak we won’t bother you! However, if the sensor fail to send status updates to the platform you will be notified.

Also, you can always check the status of installed sensors in the Fairtrail app and explore the metrics shared by the sensors.


How to reset sensor?

There is a small hole on the side of the sensor (se image below). Use the reset pin and hold for about 15 seconds. Once you hear a beep your previous settings are deleted.

– Open the app and tap your sensor

– Tap the information icon in the right corner.

– Press the reset sensor button and confirm reset. Navigate back and re-install your sensor.



Figure 1: Hold pin to reset sensor

How to change placement of sensor?

The sensor measures the direct contact with the water through capacitive measurement. Gently grab the sensor on the shortsides and move the sensor to you new placement. Start the app and tap to sensors detail page and the information icon in the right corner. Change placement from locations in dropdown. If the sensor starts to sound, you press the black button and the sound stops. If you recived notifications indicating water leakage please hide alarm by swiping to the left on the details page >> hide alarm.

My sensor are "offline" and does not seem to be connected?

Verify you have Wi-Fi coverage where your sensor is placed. The simplest way is to watch your wi-fi strength from you iphone/android device. If it’s non-existent, you need to expand your home network using a so-called Wi-Fi repeater. These can be purchased at your local tech store.

I've switched network router and given a new password or changed SSID to my home network.

You need to update the sensor with the new password or SSID. Open the Fairtrail app and tap to sensors details page and press the info icon in the right corner. On the next page tap the “reset sensor” button. Confirm Ok and navigate back one step. Now you need to reset your sensor to factory settings. Please see “How to reset sensor?” above. Once the sensor is in factory settings “Tap to configure” and follow instructions (same as first time configuration) Your history and other information are shown as soon your sensor is connected to Fairtrail again.

How does it work?

How is a leak detected?

The sensor has two main functions

  • Detect urgent leaks
  • Detect slow leaks

If the sensor is exposed to direct water it will immediately connect to the network and let the Fairtrail-platform know that an urgent leak has been detected. The Fairtrail-platform will automatically notify yourself and other parties you may have shared the sensor with. Notifications will be sent as SMS, e-mail or push-notifications depending on your settings.

The sensor also sends a daily batch of sensor data one time each 24h. This information is continuously analyzed by our algorithms to detect deviations that may indicate slow leaks. You will be notified in accordance with your settings.

No personal data is sent in each batch from sensor according to PUL/GDPR regulatory requirements.

How does the sensor communicate?

The sensor is connected to Fairtrail by using your Wi-Fi network. If your Wi-Fi network is not connected to internet the sensor will not work as designed and our platform will mark your sensor as “offline”. The sensor sends a daily batch of sensor data one time each 24h. If a water larm is detected an instant signal is sent to Fairtrail and depending rules you will be notified. No personal data is sent in each batch from sensor according to PUL/GDPR regulatory requirements.

I have suffered a major water leak and the sensor is alerted. Is the sensor now exhausted?

Yes, the sensor has now served its purpose. If you purchased your sensor directly from Hiotlabs AB the warranty is now invalidated. If you purchased the sensor by another party check the terms from that contract.


Do store my Wi-Fi password?

Nope! We only use the password in the app during configuration and your password is never sent to us.

Is communication secure?

Yes, we care about security and sensor data is sent over encrypted communication (SSL) to Fairtrail gateways located in Sweden. Each sensor has it’s own randon generated password and combined with mac adress used to verify authorization during each communication with Fairtrail gateway.

Other questions

How to recycle the sensor?

Send sensor by mail to Hiotlabs AB for recycling. Adress is found at

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