A service packed with powerful features

Our Fairtrail-platform is the perfect choice for any organisation ready to get started with IoT for real. Fairtrail is built with the latest web technologies and modern development patterns. We believe that software should continuously progress to meet evolving demands and opportunities, therefore devops is part of our DNA. Our architecture is designed to run on any public/private cloud or on your own infrastructure with the latest container technologies. Data is stored on secure datacenters located in Sweden or if you prefer in your own infrastructure

Sharing your data

Property-owners decide and control who to share their data with. Share data to your friend, neighbour or organisation.


Get notified by push messages, email, SMS or set-up rules to let an organisation take care of events and deviations .


All communication from sensors to our platform is encrypted. Access to data is role-based security on row-level.

One step ahead

Our algorithm services help you to act before the damage is done. Professional users can use our back office tools to proactively help their customers in near real-time with modern digital communications


No passwords

All requests to or from our platform are secured by identification and authorization. We know it’s hard to remember passwords therefore we send you access codes by SMS or email. No more passwords needed 😉

Data Visualization

Beautiful presentation of sensor data in an understandable way   

Apps, platform and sensors

The platform is the core in our services. Here you can use the API to build your own apps or integrate into your existing services. Sensors doesn’t need to be manufactured from us, we have successfully connected sensors from friends and partners.   

Fairtrail by Hiotlabs