With Fairtrail you are always one step ahead of the damage

Fairtrail is a unique Prevention-as-a-Service platform, designed to give our customers the right tools to predict and prevent property damage. From data, collected by different connected devices and external sources, our Machine Learning algorithms and data analysis identifies potential risks and predicts when to alert the customer in order to avoid the disaster of a damage.

Our customers access Fairtrail either through the user app, Fairtrail Home app for IOS and Android, or through the web-based back-office interface, Fairtrail Admin-UI:

  • Through the app users can easily access their data, control their installed devices and act on alarms.
  • Fairtrail Admin-UI enables insurers, facility or property management to overview and administer all their connected properties and devices, as well as proactively help users avoid costly property damage.

Sharing data

Sharing of data should be easy and manageable. Therefore, the user decide who to share data with. It could be family members, friends or trusted organizations. It is all up to you!

Rules engine

Set thresholds and rules for when and how to send notifications of alarms and warnings. You can get notified by push notifications in app, email or SMS.

Customize timely communication

Support users beyond their expectations by adapting communication from the platform to their specific needs or integrate a call center for a proactive handling of alarms.

Security & Compliance

All information from sensors to our platform is handled over encrypted communication. Access to data is handled over role-based security on row-level security. The platform is designed to run on public or private cloud, with data stored in secure datacenters located in Sweden or other preferred location. However, if you prefer, our platform could also be run on your local infrastructure.


Once we have started to collect data, we provide our customers with tools to get their insights to a new level. Enabling them to provide added value to their offering through new services.

Modern architecture

Our architecture is based on the latest technology in order for us to be able to develop new features quickly and in a reliable way. We provide a set of external APIs that enables easy integration towards any existing back-end systems or apps. For instant data updates we have streaming services available.






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