Reinvent the way you provide home insurance

Fairtrail is a unique IoT platform designed to meet the high requirements of the insurance industry. The Fairtrail platform is built on the state of the art tech and is continuously developing at a high pace. You will always be ahead of the game and not stuck in legacy solutions.

  • Let our machine learning algorithms do the work and identify potential risks before they occur. Fairtrail provides you and your customers with actionable insights. You save money and your customers become happy.
  • Fairtrail is designed to make sharing of data easy and manageable. Let your partners build services on top of your prevention platform. Fairtrail is based on micro-services and provides a set of external APIs and streaming services that allows you and your partners to develop new and innovative services.
  • Our platform is designed to run on any public/private cloud supporting container technology or on your own infrastructure. You decide.


Sharing data

Your customers decide who to share their data with. They can share to friends, neighbours or trusted organisations. You and your partner organisations can set up services in order to stay relevant to your customers’ evolving needs.

Rules engine

Let your customers get notified by push messages, email, SMS or let an organisation take care of events from rules. For organisations its easy to setup notifications to your call centers and act before your customer knows something has gone wrong.

Stay in control

Fairtrail lets your customers be on top of their insured homes and act  before the damage occurs. Professional users can easily get an overview of current state of insured properties through our back office tools and proactively help customers to avoid costly property damage.

Security & Compliance

All information from sensors to our platform is handled over encrypted communication. Access to data is handled over role-based security on row-level security. We love GDPR! Data is stored on secure datacenters located in Sweden or if preferred, in your own infrastructure.


Once we have started to collect data, we provide you with tools to get your insights to a new level. Our machine-learning algorithms can learn patterns and predict when the customer should be alerted before the disaster is happening. We continuously innovate to provide you and your customers with actionable insights.

Modern architecture

Our architecture is based on the latest technology in order for us to develop new features quickly and in a reliable way. We have API’s for you to connect our platform with your back-end or your own app’s. For instant updates, we provide streaming services.






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