We are Hiotlabs, a startup with our roots in software and technology. We create societal value through developing tech that prevents and minimize property damage. We think big dreams, get things done and have fun.

We are a product company that leverage IoT and Machine Learning to create new and innovative solutions to re-define the insurance industry to the better. Our platform and services are already in production and used by customers in large-scale pilot deployments and various POCs.

We are always looking for new talent, so feel free to contact us directly or apply for the available positions below.

Chief Technology Officer

You will be a critical part of the leadership and the effort to build something truly exciting and disruptive. Your role is to provide technical leadership and vision.

Developer / Utvecklare

You’re always curious to learn more and quickly gets a grasp of new concepts and ideas. You enjoy working in a small team and share your knowledge and insights with peers. You’re passionate about writing code and excited to continuously apply new technology and concepts at the very digital frontier