Prevention as a Service

Our mission is twofold. First we want to prevent damage for property owner, and second we want to use modern technology to help people gather and access their own data in an easy and beneficial way.

We have created a service where you ridiculously easy can share information from internet connected sensors with whomever you choose. Our intelligent services put emphasis on data analysis and professional knowledge about complex risks so that you don’t need to bother about details. Simply, we connect your house with professional knowledge and make it available to you in an understandable way. 

  • We want you as a property owner to detect potential problems before any significant damage occurs. Taking early action makes it possible for you to limit or even eliminate damage. This saves a lot of money, and avoid disturbances.

  • We also believe that a lot can be avoided through preventive measures. Our data-driven recommendations help you to take care of your house like a professional, cost-effective and timely.

We believe that the combination of sensor-based warnings, data-driven recommendations and structured maintenance is a game-changer for property owners. We call it prevention as a service and our simple process consists of the 4 steps outlined below.


Andreas Rådlund (COO)

Get Started

Perform initial inspection of your property and install sensors.  The data from installed sensors and inspections will help you to professionally take care of your home. 

Track Your Property

The health status of your home is always available in your mobile. Our algorithms continuously check for deviations and let you know if something is wrong. 

Get Recommendations

Based on data from sensors and inspections you will get customized recommendations directly to your mobile on how to best take care of your home.

Get Help

If our service detect that something is wrong or at risk in your home, you will get immediate support from professionals to resolve the issue