Doing IoT for real

At Hiotlabs we’re obsessed by doing things for real, in our case, to leverage tech to reduce the societal impact of property damage. 

Property damage of all kinds can be devastating and costly for all parties involved, tenants, insurance companies and property owners. Hiotlabs has actually come quite far in making use of tech in real-life and are progressing at high-pace. Every challenge we bump into brings us one step closer to our vision of using tech to significantly reduce costly property damage for the greater good.
In late 2018 we wrapped up a trial at HSB Living Labs, which highlighted some challenges in multi-tenant environments, but also confirmed that we are on the right track. The lab is a great place to test things for real and gain insights before scaling up. We did learn a lot and have already had the chance to implement our findings in larger deployments. Read more about our tests at HSB Living Labs here