Today’s reading See who is in the World Insurtech Report

Yep right guessed, Hiotlab’s pilot program together with Folksam is part of CapGemini’s and Efma’s World Insurtech Report. By using machine learning and algorithms on the sensor data we collect, the goal is to prevent many of the injuries that occur due to water damage in the home. We are convinced that we can reduce a large part of the cost associated with water damage, by giving property owners the right tools to take control of their own homes. A water damage is not just a hard blow to the wallet.

Prevention-as-a-Service startup Hiotlabs leverages internet connected sensors to measure humidity and temperature data and enables early detection of water damage

It also has a great impact on the environment and can also give long-term negative impact on health. An insurance that only provides protection for some of the cost is not sustainable in the long term for neither the environment, the health or the wallet. It is time to work to prevent injuries before they occur. For those who do not have an hour over, it is perfectly excellent to jump to page 27 and read about ā€¯Established Swedish insurer is delivered the enabling skills of tech specialist startup. It only takes you a few minutes.

We are happy to be mention and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us for more information.

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