Tech for Future

Today thousands of young people across the globe skipped school to call for action on climate change. We also believe that it’s time for action and that we can all contribute in the effort to reduce negative environmental impact.

At Hiotlabs we work hard to help reducing property damage. Prolonging life of existing constructions has a significant positive impact on environment. For example, an average water leakage in Sweden accounts for 300kg in excess CO2 emissions according to analysis by the Swedish Insurance industry, aggregated to national level this equals to approx 5000 flights between Stockholm and Bangkok (The standard benchmark for Swedish CO2 emissions :)).

Using connected sensors to early detect water-leakages can drastically lower this number. And this is just one example. Hiotlabs are dedicated to reducing environmental, financial and social impact of property damage. Together and step-by-step we can all contribute to a better future. Thanks for the inspiration Greta and all other young people calling for action across the globe.