Hiotlabs joins ElectriCITY

Jonas Deibe, Andreas Rådlund, Allan Larsson

Last week two great things happened. Hiotlabs formally joined ElectriCITY and we also had the privilege to meet with the founder of ElectriCITY, the former Swedish Minister of Finance Allan Larsson. ElectriCITY is a citizen-driven innovation platform which aims to make Hammarby Sjöstad the most climate-friendly district in Sweden. We are excited to join this platform and to collaborate with its existing partners!

We have since early fall been running a joint project with the insurance company Länsförsäkringar in Hammarby Sjöstad. Together we have connected 110 apartments with the aim to decrease costs due to water leakages. 
We were happy to learn how Allan recently was presenting ElectriCITY in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and amongst other things mentioned our project as a concrete example how IoT is used to decrease impact of water-leakages.