Experienced Developer for Machine Learning Project

Who you are

You love being part of creating the future, but still have a strong eye for detail. You’re always curious to learn more and quickly gets a grasp of new concepts and ideas. You’re self-propelled and have a strong passion to succeed. You have previous experience in developing ML-based applications and thrive on bringing early ideas to working solutions.

Your task

Your task is to develop a first prototype of a ground-breaking service that will help to reduce the societal costs of property damage. You will build, train and implement a model to detect specific deviations in a set of images. The core of the problem is to identify what should or shouldn’t have been in the picture, depending on context. Initially we will focus on a few yet specific problems. Over time the idea is to expand model to a larger range of problems, i.e. the concept developed should be scalable to other problems of similar nature. We are happy to meet in person and share more specifics on the challenge.

Who we are

We are Hiotlabs, a startup with our roots in software and technology. We create societal value through developing tech that prevents and minimize property damage. We think big dreams, get things done and have fun.

We are a product company that leverage IoT and Machine Learning to create new and innovative solutions to re-define the insurance industry to the better. Our platform and services are already in production and used by customers in large-scale pilot deployments and various POCs.

We are now entering the next phase in the development of Hiotlabs where we aim to grow our business significantly and push the use of technology one step further.

All our code is stored in GIT and we have automated everything from testing, code change to deployment in production for our app, backend, admin UI and +30 micro-services.

In this specific project we are looking for a person who like us, is eager to leverage technology to disrupt an entire industry while creating societal value. You will get the chance to join an expanding early stage startup company with office in Södermalm  and be part of breaking entirely new grounds in damage prevention. As we are in growth mode we look for new talent to join the team and we believe that a joint project is a great way to mutually getting to know each other.


4 months initially




Call Andreas Rådlund COO on +46709875256 or send an e-mail to andreas@hiotlabs.com

We evaluate applications continuously